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Working from home?

Make your home workplace as comfortable as possible
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Welcome to Concept

We are proud to present the new exhibition in our office.
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«Thank You For Smoking!»

The office of a leading tobacco company is located between 28−32 floors of one of the tallest skyscrapers in Europe Mercury City Tower
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A distinctive feature of this furniture is its design: external beauty is combined with convenience.
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Star Collection: Unique shape, sophisticated design, clean space.
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What we do

Case studies


Make your home workplace as comfortable as possible.
Select comfortable chairs and tables to create an ergonomic workspace.
March 2020
Concept continues to work in the context of the coronavirus
Concept partially goes remote in the conditions of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection.
March 2020
Presentation of the new Maxalto collection in Paris
One of Concept’s partners, the Italian brand Maxalto (B&B Italia), presented the 2020 collection in their showroom B&B Italia et Maxalto
January 2020

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